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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autry National Center of the American West Screening Fri. Oct. 3rd, @3pm

This Friday, Oct. 3rd, we will be screening the film for members of the Autry National Center of the American West at 3pm, as part of the opening of an exciting new exhibit, Maverick Art. After the screening, I will be joined by Autry's visual arts curator, Amy Scott, for a Q&A conversation.

Explore the surprising side of contemporary Western art in this new exhibition drawn mainly from the collections of the Autry National Center. Just as the West today is a place of tremendous visual and cultural diversity, the artists represented in Maverick Art are united not by style or message but by their role in the ongoing conversation between past and present, tradition and innovation, endurance and change.

Representing many different viewpoints, the approximately 50 artists in this exhibition share a groundbreaking status within their respective fields. From Maynard Dixon to Richard Misrach, Maverick Art explores how these artists together expand the meaning of the term Western in their collective search for a new image of the contemporary West.

"Maverick Art is about casting a wider net for our audience and the field of contemporary Western art alike. I'm interested not only in understanding how frontier myths and imagery continues to influence our contemporary identity as Westerners, but also the emergence of newer themes, from freeway culture to the atomic bomb. Our notion of who constitutes a Western artist is changing as well. As the place itself becomes increasingly diverse, many artists seek to revive or reclaim historic traditions, producing new work that is linked to a cultural past but is also very much about the present," reflects Amy Scott, Curator of Visual Arts

For more information, call the Membership Team at (323)667-2000 ext. 394