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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Newport Beach film festival

Catching my breath after the festival, three pretty intense days! Maynard Dixon Art and Spirit was well attended, and I enjoyed meeting lots of great people and hearing their questions about Dixon and the film. I'm humbled by the compliments, and always happy to have the opportunity to share Dixon's beautiful work with new viewers.

It's always fun spending time with my friends and fellow filmmakers, Eric Bricker and Susan Morgan Cooper. Together we met some of the other filmmakers attending, and shared some of the films and parties.

My favorite films both focused on modern architecture. By now, everyone knows how much I love Eric's film about the wonderful photographer, Julius Shulman, responsible for photographing so many remarkable modern houses and buildings. His work introduced Modern architecture to the world, and Eric's film is a richly textured testimony to the importance of this man's legacy and inspiring spirit. Seek out this film, it's wonderful.

Another film that I appreciated was Infinite Space The Architecture of John Lautner.After the screening, we met producers, Sara Sackner and Anna Thomas, and composer, Elliot Goldkind. His haunting music was a wonderful compliment to the phenomenal architecture that he created. Lautner was mentored by Frank Lloyd Wright and had an originality and creative daring that makes this documentary very compelling and vivid.
I highly recommend both of these award-winning films! Now I'm inspired to spend my evenings watching Google Earth instead of television, finding modern architecture around the globe. This is a great tool for someone with my level of curiosity...I'll let you know what I find!