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Friday, April 16, 2010

Linda Jones Gibbs interview from Maynard Dixon Art and Spirit

I've been secretly working on my "Director's Cut" over the past year. With over 100 hours of fascinating interviews, lush B-roll of the Southwest and countless paintings and drawings that didn't make it into the film, I've toyed with the idea of Dvd extras, a Director's cut or an Educational version. It takes time and money to edit or produce something new. I have lots of other things going on! So for now, here's a blog post to share with you a wonderful bit of Linda Jones Gibbs, author of Escape to Reality: The Western World of Maynard Dixon and curator of the 2001 Dixon retrospective at Brigham Young University. Enjoy.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Life of Maynard Dixon by Donald J. Hagerty now available

The Life of Maynard Dixon, written by Donald J. Hagerty has just been released. The book contains lots of new material and so many of the stories that I wish I could have included in the film. I highly recommend it!